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State of the forums: I should update more
Date: 2013-12-23 20:59:09
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
Happy holidays everyone! The forums are up, and we have tabletop games running each week. Visit the IRC channel and scope out MavrickIndigo if you're interested in any of our games. We're taking a bit of a Christmas break from our games but don't hesitate to ask around on both IRC and the forums.

State of the forums: Bad News
Date: 2013-06-26 19:04:14
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
So after talking with our webhost, it seems like our forums will be down longer than expected. However, the really bad news is that our backups were also corrupted and our earliest backup is from last December. This includes back-ups of the wiki. That means any progress made since December along with new threads made during the first half of this year will be gone. It upsets us on the staff just as much as anyone, and we deeply apologize for the losses.

While we work to get the forums back up and running, it is highly encouraged you join us on IRC instead using either the chat room link on the sidebar or connecting to and joining the #rphaven channel with your IRC client of choice.

Forums are Down
Date: 2013-06-21 21:20:40
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
Sorry about the late update. I just returned from vacation and unfortunately our forums have been down since Wednesday morning. The problem is known to our server host and hopefully will be fixed soon. In the meantime, join us on IRC at in our channel #RPHaven using your favourite IRC client or our Mibbit widget.

The Wiki Returns
Date: 2013-06-04 17:18:24
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
Our Wiki is back up and updated to a new version of MediaWiki. It's still very much under construction, however. New users must be registered by an admin, a decision made to prevent spammers from defiling the wiki, the #1 issue with the wiki before it was taken down. If you wish to make an account, please ask for one on the forums.

Update in the Hall of Fame
Date: 2013-05-06 00:21:45
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
It was a long time coming but nearly a year later, I finished the Hall of Fame entry for The Rodaria Trials. Unfortunately I can't get the banner or the document up but hopefully technical kinks will be ironed out. Likewise, if you want to read any finished (or abandoned) RP, please check out the Archive on the forums!

The RPHaven VGM Challenge, Season 4 Ends
Date: 2013-05-01 01:08:35
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
The 4th season of the VGM Challenge came and went, with a surprising 3-way tie for 2nd place. Dr. Gate came out on top as #1. Congratulations to the participants! New material on the board includes an RP known as Arcane Gladius. Wizards roam our world and a plane known only as the distortion world. They seek out human apprentices to share their power with, but at what cost? Though the wizards promise great things, the presence of wizard hunters complicates the wizards' stories.

Also, check out the suggestions board on our discussion on how to restructure (or ultimately fold up and replace) Penumbra after its prolonged inactivity.

The RPHaven VGM Challenge, Season 4
Date: 2013-03-31 22:34:44
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
Hey guys! For all you music-savvy folks out there, come on and try your hand at Season 4 of the VGM Challenge. All participants get a little prize, so don't be shy! Check it out on the General Board of the forums.

Happy Chinese New Year!
Date: 2013-02-06 23:20:40
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
Earlier this week a brand new installment of Fire Emblem was released. However, one lucky user got their hands on an early copy and had a review ready for launch day. Read all about it on the Thoughts and Opinions board!

Though activity on the board may be low, don't be misled, as our IRC channel is as active as its ever been. Join us on #RPHaven on However, don't be shy; Frontier of New Victory is still open for joinees, and everyone is free to start their own RP either set in the world of Deia or whatever they fancy on our Freelance board.

Regarding Wiki downtime
Date: 2012-12-02 23:49:50
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
The wiki has been down for some time, though this has not gone unacknowledged by the site. Hopefully the wiki will be back this month, with updated software. As for site updates, November was slow but hopefully all of you writers out there had a good NaNoWriMo. We also have a slew of online tabletop games running, so be sure to check out the IRC channel or the games threads on the forums.

Celebrating some completions!
Date: 2012-09-24 14:11:28
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
Two RPs in the Deia board have been completed in the past month, one of which had been ongoing for two whole years! Congratulations to The Rodaria Trials and Fenghuan's Meteorite. Look forward to Hall of Fame updates in the meantime.

In the Arts Board in particular, there is commemorative art of the Rodaria cast- but genderswapped!- in the Place Where Sometimes Samias Posts Art.

As a reminder, don't neglect the Thoughts and Opinions board, where RPs of the past are recapped for the fun (and pain) of it all.

TWO RPs in the Deia board are still new and looking for members! Check out both the fantasy western of Frontier of New Victory, or the time-travelling escapades of Chrono/Calamity.

A Fresher Deia Experience
Date: 2012-08-30 17:32:54
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Howdy, pardners. We got a new role play coming out to the world of Deia. It's a rip-roaring good time in the old Deian West, called "Frontier of New Victory." You can find the sign-up now in the World of Deia Backstage, yeee-haaw!

And on another note, we've introduced a new subforum to the world of Deia. It's The World Building board, where we suggest concepts and ideas to introduce to Deia. It's in it's early forms, so we don't really have set rules for it yet, so feel free to suggest whatever you want for our world!

Clean up
Date: 2012-08-13 16:59:22
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
I did a bit of clean up on some of the old role plays that were sitting around. If you want to restart/continue a role play that was moved to the archives, let me know.

Date: 2012-07-28 08:51:04
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Thanks to bots out there, I'm implementing a warning: If you do not post when you first sign up, your account will be deleted. I've already done the first wave and will continue to do so as new bots sign up. Any account with 0 posts to their name will be removed

Breathing new Life
Date: 2012-07-26 15:05:01
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Hello visitors. If you've been here in the past few months, you may have noticed that we haven't updated the front page in awhile. It has come to our attention that we need to change how this front page works. We are currently discussing ways to make the site more friendly to new visitors and users. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Please Bear With Us...
Date: 2012-04-10 11:22:57
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
Unfortunately, the bots are back, and the ones that are attacking our forum are particularly aggressive.

You may only post once every 30 seconds. This shouldn't be at all noticeable for you, but it helps mitigate the server load that these bots are causing from their excessive spam.

Account moderation may come into effect. That means you'll need admin clearance before you can post if you create a new account. Our staff are online every day to clear new users, but for verification's sake you should pop on IRC and leave a message saying "I'm so-and-so and could you activate my account?". The message should arrive at the pertinent channels.

A Happy April Fools Day to you, too!
Date: 2012-04-03 11:58:04
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
I hope you guys enjoyed our April Fools Day Bowser board, and as a little treat I left all the stuff up 24 hours too long, woo!

So anyway, we're still welcoming users who want a change of pace. We have a thread set up in our "Contributions, Suggestions, and Bug Reports" forum.

Also check out our new rps, we have quite a few:

The Herald of Turning: This is an adventure set in a country that is about to be ground zero for a major war.

Red Dead: An open modern fantasy rp centered around a bio weapon on the run. Let your imagination run wild on who you will play!

Soul Twist II-2: Destiny Dreams 7: The Retconning: With this rp, we hearken back to the good old days. If you weren't there, just imagine being in middle school (if you are in middle school still, just imagine the most AWESOME STORY EVER!). You don't want to miss this.

Date: 2012-04-01 00:08:58
Posted By: KingofKoopas
What are you doing on this front page instead of working on my castle! Get back to work, you chumps! We got mushrooms to collect and princesses to capture! Do you think I do this all by myself? No this is a team effort, got it?


Welcome Refugees
Date: 2012-03-27 16:43:08
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
If you're reading this and you have no idea who we are, you've probably stumbled onto our site looking for Due to something that we have no idea about, that role-playing site has been wiped off of the face of the internet. We at would like to offer our condolences to the loss of your community, but we extend an invitation to come and join our site to host your role plays. We're currently thinking about ways to streamline and expand our site, so please excuse the mess. In fact, if you have ideas to help improve our website to be more open to newcomers such as yourselves, feel free to speak to me or one of the other admins. We'll be more than happy to try and accommodate you and your style into our site.

RPHaven 's going old school
Date: 2012-03-06 16:08:22
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Last saturday marked the first session of our first Dungeons and Dragons campaign. We're running "Expedition to Castle Ravenloft" with five veteran users, Corey, Trauma Advocate, Straggler Straddler, Dr. Gate, and Kagus! Feel free to read along our adventure in the Games forum, we'll update you guys every week with logs and written conversions of our adventures.

Date: 2012-01-30 00:01:42
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Those of you checking out our loose ideas and general discussion board may notice that a couple of users are throwing out ideas for rphaven-based video games. Will be see them? Time may tell.

This Saturday we will be doing our first Writing group meeting. Anyone who is interested in participating, please check out the thread in the loose ideas board.

We got two new rps for you to check out:

Seto Drako created "The Fall of Daelas" a story involving humans with special abilities. How will these Morphlings shape the fate of Deia? I suppose you'll have to join up and shape it with them!

Corey started up a super special awesome roleplay in the "General RP" board this week. It's a fun little romp in the land of online role playing and video game rpgs. It's fun to lampoon yourself once in awhile, so go ahead and check it out! It's "The Hero Walk."

"Fenghuan's Meteorite" received 4 posts. The eyes head into the docks to meet the empress, and Azazel's weapon nears completion.

"Hysterisis" received 1 post. The police have caught up with the party. Are they done for?

"Order of Mages" received 3 posts. Katarina arrives on the island and Betam decides its time to take matters into his own hands.

"The Orphan of Melas" received 2 posts. Spindelev has a nasty trap for Keon, and the king's men cover up the crime of the king's death.

"Persona: Nexus" received 4 posts. The next school day finds itself drawing to an end, but Nico has suffered a terrible loss.

"Post Mortality" received 3 posts. The father of Crust arrives in the alley, and Fin slips out, almost unnoticed.

"The Rodaria Trials" received 3 posts. The pieces are being set for the finale, but Amice finds some problems in the castle in the form of Maddison

"Waiting on Time" received 1 post. Lacie escapes the music room, but what will happen at this school for the gifted?

More Deia Activity
Date: 2012-01-22 19:05:43
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
"Post Mortality" is a role play about delinquints and criminals who have been given a new life as "Shifters" living in a mysterious place called "The Alley." What are the secrets of the Alley? Who are the Shifters? That'll be up to you to decide, so join today!

"Order of Mages: Tides of Chaedo" received 4 posts. The new Mage, Magix joins the fight and the Chaedofin is defeated.

"The Orphan of Melas" received 4 posts. The king of Rodaria is dead, and a new era of chaos begins.

"Persona: Nexus" received 1 post. Lucy sits at her desk, wondering if normalcy will return to her life or not.

New Year 's Boom
Date: 2012-01-15 22:00:25
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Well it's been a  pleasant surprise, but we've had quite n influx of people joining and posting today. Most of them were centered around "Orphan of Melas" but we're glad to have anyone come in and join any of our role-plays! It's always a good time to hop aboard and write with us, so don't be shy!

Now for the weekly round-up

"The Bismuth Contact" received 1 post. Coburn's deal is about to be made. How will it go down?

"Hysterisis" received 2 posts. The group finds themselves on the wrong side of a police chase.

"The Orphan of Melas" received 14 posts. New faces enter the royal city and change the rules of the game. Will the Shaded Horn gain powerful new allies in their campaign of evil?

Beginning of a New Year, end of Old RP
Date: 2012-01-08 20:08:59
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Sorry about the lack of updates at the end of the year, but here we go with the recap for last week. First of all, "Fables: Venisia" has ended, and is awaiting some epilogue posts before being archived. If you want to read a complete role play, go ahead and check it out on our "World of Deia" board.

"The Bismuth Contant" received 1 post. Gustaff and Coburn attempt to walk to the next station on the downd trainlines, but they run into someone. Who can it be?

"Fenghuan's Meteorite" received 1 post. Makoto divulges what she knows about Ame-no-Shichime to Aya.

"Hysterisis" received 1 post. Nel searches around a train station for any sign of Tony or the others, alerting a security guard to some suspicious behavior.

"Massive Multiperson Rp Thread" received 2 posts. The story begins in earnest as a gold robot finds himself late for a bus. Will the jetpack he received be enough to save him from tardiness?

"Order of Mages: Tides of Chaedo" received 1 post. Alex finds his encounter with the Chaedofin to be harder than he imagined. Can he survive the fight?

"The Orphan of Melas" received 1 post. Keon and Goma are on the prowl and seek to encounter Spindel. Will they find what they are looking for? Will they be in over their heads?

"The Rodaria Trials" received 1 post. Nadiri reminices about her grandfather and thinks about her future.

"A Sensible RP" received 1 post. Our intrepid Lumberjack wants to seal the deal before making new contracts.

Forum Down
Date: 2012-01-01 20:48:50
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
The forum has been down all day, and will probably continue to be down for awhile. If you can't access the forum, be sure to check out our chatroom for the time being.

7 Days...
Date: 2011-12-18 23:52:41
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Straggler Straddler posted her school project "Dragonrelic - The Script." It's an action-packed "episode" of a hypothetical cartoon based on her "Samias Dragonlord" Character. Check it out if you like cool fights!

"The Bismuth Contact" received 1 post, in which Murphy's law is invoked before the power goes out in the transport chute on an alien world.

"Fenghuan's Meteorite" received 1 post, in which the Eyes are all awake and ready for the next step.

"Hysterisis" received 1 post, in which the Voyager Retrieval squad fled to regroup, leaving the party safe...for now.

"The Orphan of Melas" received 4 posts, in which the evil actions of the fiendish Spindelev sends the townspeople in a riot, blaming Laxus for the crimes!

Keep Rolling
Date: 2011-12-11 16:36:52
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
RPs tend to fluctuate here on RPHaven, some weeks we have huge pushes in the forward momentum of our stories, other times hardly anything happens at all. It's not like it really applies to anything in particular, I thought I would just say that.

"The Bismuth Contact" received 3 posts where Coburn enlists the aid of Gustaff and Venin for some mysterious task.

"Fables: Venisia" recieved 1 post, where Zeita bids farewell to Alexei and promises to return one day to train him in her master's style.

"Fenghuan's Meteorite" received 1 post where Kaito was offered an out from the war from a mysterious man.

"Hysterisis" received 1 post where the Voyager retrieval squad threatens to destroy the party with their syncronized attack.

"The Orphan of Melas" received 2 posts, where the hunt begins in earnest to find the fiend Spindelvev

"Persona Nexus" received 2 Posts. Lura and Lucy join a crowd in gawking at a bruttally murdered woman.

"A Sensible RP" received 3 Posts in which the Lumberjack's negotiations continue and the spies almost won.

December Already
Date: 2011-12-04 23:56:40
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
It's just 3 Weeks Until Christmas! Yay! Happy Holidays to everyone visiting the site. Its the festive time of year, which means most people here are either working retail or spending time at holiday parties and the like. But not to worry, there's been some activity:

Nytmaere wrote a Fiction titled "What If- Neon Genesis (KawoXShin)." A strange alternate reality in the Evagelion franchise. Perhaps not as strange as canonical Eva alternate realities. Heck if I know anything that goes on in that show.

"The Bismuth Contact" received 6 posts wher Coburn finds herself learning about the crew.

"Orphan of Melas" received 3 posts. The spidery demon arrives to cause some chaos and Alfradore discusses the clues he finds while Talos finds a letter detailing a mystery in his birthtown.

"RPHaven Hero Tournament: The Tournament of Gambles" received 1 Post in which Hiroto leaves the tournament in disgrace after revealing that he conceded defeat to Jasmine.

"A Sensible RP" received 5 posts. Things may not be so sensible after all after the talks between the lumberjack and the mayor go around in circles a few times

Holidays are coming up
Date: 2011-11-27 13:30:30
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
I'm expecting a bit of a hibernation followed by a boom in activity as we approach the holiday season. People gotta work more, things gotta get done, all that good stuff. But things keep moving along, we have quite a few rps with activity last week.

The Bismuth Contract Received 3 Post3. The crew's next job has been decided: Deliver Pascale Coburn and her cargo to Teredos. We also see the plight of the Presidencey

Magical Twist: Ressurected Sun received 1 Post. We take a look at the Water Shrine. What secrets does it hold?

RPHaven Hero Tournament: The Tournament of Gambles has received 2 posts. The final fight rages on, who will win and be crowned champion of the RPHaven heroes?

A Sensible RP received 8 posts. The Mayor is talking to our lumberjack hero about a very famous man named "Mordred Le Fay" and how that man was famous for taking care of dire woods and chopping logs. Sadly it seems our hero is only good at chopping logs...OR IS HE?

Waiting on Time received 2 Posts. We have come to learn of two more students of the school of talented kids, one is Lacie Dellid, a timid girl who is a shapehsifer, and the other is Blair Westbrook, whose only abilities seem to be the ability to be abnormally tall and change her eye color when angered. Though something mysterious seems to be hiding within this girl, could it have something to do with her short temper? Join today to find out!

A new beginning
Date: 2011-11-20 20:54:17
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
With the final defeat of the dreaded bot menace and the removal of our quarantine of newly-registered users, we've seen a huge increase of activity on the forum, and it's amazing! We got two new role plays to look at and we got two people joining in one day. It's a time to be excited, and we look forward to more people joining in the days ahead!

We have two new role plays to look at. The first is "A Sensible RP" by "runedot." In this rp, you will write one sentence at a time, trying to finish the story in a sensible way, but watch out: there are spies among the posters, trying to keep the story rolling, and it's the job of the non-spies to find them and expose them! Can you spot the spy?

The second role play comes to us from new user "Vinny." It's called "Waiting on Time" and it takes place in a school for dedicated youngsters. Will we be getting X-men style antics up in here? Or perhaps  does Vinny have something else planned? Join in to find out!

"The Bismuth Contract" received 10 Posts this past week! This RP is shaping up to have some very interesting characters in it. Our crew of black market smugglers just delievered a shipment of explosives to help with a bar-owner's mining operations. But they have just been contacted by a mysterious old woman who wants to hire them. For what purpose? Well we have to find out.

"Pochando Jones Space Outlaw" Recieved 1 Post . Nothing major, but it reached a possible conclusion, where the Traveling Maverick makes a startling discovery. Read it yourself to find the profound ending, or join in and give the story a breath of life!

Maintanience on the Forum registration system
Date: 2011-11-15 15:48:25
Posted By: Chibi Acelie
I will be implementing a bot filter in the forum's registration script; I will start work on this about 12:30 PM Central Time (6:30 PM GMT) tomorrow (Wednesday). During this time, new registrations on the forum may be discarded. If you wish to register please wait until I edit this post saying that I have completed the work.

The rest of the forum will be unaffected by this work.

EDIT: I have completed the work; registrations are being accepted again. For the time being though they will still require Admin validation.

EDIT 2: Admin validation is no longer required for new accounts on the forums.

A Beautiful Reunion
Date: 2011-11-13 17:40:25
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
It has been one year since user MG had completely disappeared from the internet. In order to reflect on his impact on the community, Trauma Advocate started a "Wake" Thread for him so we can talk about all the stuff we loved about him. It was a nice sort of memorial, full of nostalgia and happiness, but also with a bit of longing.

Then suddenly, something amazing happened. MG returned, to much cheering and celebration!

You see, here at RPHaven, we treat each member with great respect and love. If you join this site, you belong to something more than an image board. You join a family.

We also saw the beginning of a new Penumbra RP: The Bismuth Contract. This story takes place 15 years before humans made contact with the other races of the Penumbra Galaxy? What kind of story awaits in these early exploratory days?

Fables Venisia (2 Posts): Hua's crew heads off on a rescue mission, while Veshra plans her next move.

Fenghuan's Meteorite (2 Posts): Osamu Kaito gets stuck in a room while the eyes decide to rest.

Order of Mages: Tides of Chaedo (1 Post): Mehru begins his journey home.

Persona Nexus (1 Post): Taylor meets an old friend from a previous role-play.

Date: 2011-11-06 16:23:45
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Sometimes, we just hit times in the site where things kinda just slow down for a bit. This is one of those times. If you want to change that, feel free to contribute to one of our role plays, or start your own!

Fables Venisia (1 Post): Grace reveals her deepest regret

Hysterisis (4 Posts): The Voyager Guild attacks the group, while the stranded others are running from the law

Halloween Time
Date: 2011-10-30 22:36:46
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Hey everyone! Halloween is tomorrow and I hope you're getting your spooky on! But enough about that, we have rps to recap.

Fables: Venisia (1 Post). The Blakes decide to leave Venisia.

Fenghuan's Meteorite (4 Posts). The eyes arrive at a place where Lion lived his childhood, and meet the final Eye!

Hysterisis (6 Post). Up from the Ashes it rises! Erikson's plans fall flat on his face when he runs into the Liberators! Who are these people? are they friends or foes?

Order of Mages: Tides of Chaedo (2 Posts). Meet Marty and Alex!

Orphan of Melas (2 Post). Alfradore Rinstin begins his investigation.

Persona: Nexus (1 Post). Lucy returns home to sulk.

Rodaria Trials (1 Post). Two agents try to escape MICOM headquarters.

RPHaven Hero Tournament: The Tournament of Gambles (2 Posts). Tenguo is eliminated and four characters remain in the running.

News with no news
Date: 2011-10-23 15:52:50
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Order of Mages: Tides of Chaedo (1 Post). Mehru decides to return to the order after vanquishing the Mad.

The Orphan of Melas: (4 Posts). Audrin Kain gives his followers their first assignments.

Persona: Nexus (1 Post). Nico speaks with Lucy and finds out that his mother is no where to be found!

Pochando Jones: Space Outlaw (1 Post). The Traveling Maverick finds himself in the sand-built town of Sandridge.

The Rodaria Trials (2 Posts). MICOM and Almyst make their moves. Could this be the end?

RPHaven Hero Tournament: The Tournament of Gambles (2 Posts). Janius and Hiroto face in a samurai duel.

Pooooochaaandoooo Joooones!
Date: 2011-10-16 18:55:34
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Stop right there! Who are you? Are you Pochando Jones? I don't think you are. Is that a problem? Maybe. The chatroom was taken by storm this week by the one, the only, Pochando Jones! He also made up a new role play in the "General Roleplaying" Forum. You'd better check it out. What's it about? It's about Pochando Jones, that's what? You want westerns? We got it, It's a Western in Space! You can't handle that amount of cool! Join in on "Pochando Jones Space Outlaw"

Oh, and a bunch of other stuff happened:

Fables: Venisia (1 post). A pirate Crew sets the stage for "Deia Fables: Leryl."

Fenghuan's Meterorite (1 Post). The Eyes blast their way into an underground cave system.

Order of Mages: Tides of Chaedo (1 Post). Lahab Hakim has become an undead member of "The Mad." Can he escape the bowels of a hellish prison or be consumed by the mad servants of "The Dark?"

The Orphan of Melas (2 Posts). Alfradore begins his investigation and the Shaded Horn's members seem to be summoning more demons than was previously thought.

The Rodaria Trials (3 Posts). Samiya bites off more than she can chew when she and Prince Juno encounter her mother, who happens to be a shape-shifting servant of an ancient Colossus!

RPHaven Hero Tournament: The Tournament of Gambles (3 Posts). Sasha has been knocked out of the tournament. With seven combatants left, the contest is getting heated!

A slew of new users, and an increase in activity!
Date: 2011-10-09 21:42:46
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
We got a host of new users joining in the site. When it comes to roleplaying, I always say "the more, the merrier" so if you want to jump in, give me a shout and I'll activate your account for you!

Persona Nexus (2 Posts): Zvonimir gets a chance to psychoanalyze Lucy, but did she tell the good doctor too much information?

Order of Mages: Tides of Chaedo (4 Posts): The Order Members begin to show how they joined, and the Order itself is nearly ready to make its stand against Betam.

RPG Hero Tournament: Tournament of Gambles (8 Posts!): The tournament wraps up its first round with one elimination and a bunch of surprises because of the game system we use. Can you guess who'll be out on top by the end of round 2?

October is here
Date: 2011-10-02 15:14:08
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Well everyone, Summer has ended and October has arrived. Time for the recap of the previous week while we're at it. We've had a few rps drop off the radar, but others have been picking up as well! To begin, I started the new Deia rp "Order of Mages: Tides of Chaedo." We already have a nice number of people roleplaying, but if you want in on the action, just sign up and join in!

"Fables: Venisia" (3 Posts): Four weeks have passed since the outbreak of lycanthropy and the city is slowly returning to normal, or is it?

"Magical Twist: Resurrected Sun" (1 Post): The Rp keeps on fightin'!

"The Orphan of Melas" (1 post): We meet a young soldier in Drudo's royal guard. What role will he play in the war ahead? Perhaps you will change his destiny as well? Join in and find out!

"Persona Nexus" (2 Posts): Mysterious things keep happening in the city. Now Nico's mother is missing!

"The Rodaria Trials" (4 Posts): Vector unleashes a great and terrible power and Samiya stages a kidnapping of Prince Juno!

"RPHaven Hero Tournament: The Tournament of Legends" (4 Posts): The Tournament has Begun! How will the first round go?

New Role play and weekly roundup!
Date: 2011-09-25 18:19:43
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Ganu_Candali has started a new role-play in the Dedicated World of Deia. "The Orphan of Melas" is the story of good versus evil. Pick your side and join the fight today!

"Fenghuan's Meteorite" received 3 posts. The chosen have arrived at Daikokumachi's gate, but must find a way inside through the sewers.

"Magical Twist: Resurrected Sun" received 1 post, pushing it out of its months-long hiatus.

"Persona: Nexus" received 4 posts. We saw a bit of Vivian's disfunctuanal family life and the beginning of the second day of school.

"RPHaven Hero Tournament: The Tournament of Gambles" Received 6 posts. Tenguo Coele joined the tournamnet and there appears to be some distrust brewing between Jasmine and the host of the games. If you want to get in on this competition, the last day to join in is Wednesday.

Weekly Update 9/18/2011
Date: 2011-09-18 14:47:20
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Hello everyone, and welcome again to the Weekly Update. In our first bit of business, I'd like to give a belated shout-out to the ending of "The Famous Study of Dr. Zerstung." The story has been finished and is remaining on the rp board for the time being in case any of the players want to add anything else to the ending.

Second: sign-ups have begun for Mavrickindigo's new rp "Order of Mages: Tides of Chaedo." Check it out on the "World of Deia" Dedicated World Board!

And now for the weekly recap:

"Fenghuan's Meteorite" received 2 posts. What could the mysterious stranger want the Kappa engineer to build for him? And Who is the mysterious Elda, final eye of Ame-No-Shichime?

"RP Haven Hero Tournament: The Tournament of Legends" received 4 posts. Jasmine is becoming distrustful of the enigmatic Mister Hatte, and Tenguo Coele joins the roster! Think you have what it takes to take him on? Join up today!

"Persona: Nexus" Received 6 posts. Lucy and Nico both received their personas, and unknown to them, their teacher and councilor both already have personas of their own, but for what purposes are they in town?

Weekly Update 9/11/2001
Date: 2011-09-11 19:56:39
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
"A-You-Make-The-Choices Story II: Chipstocks" Received 1 post, where you find yourself cheating in a children's card game. What is the result of this action? You decide!

"The Breakroom: Act 2" Received 1 post. Veshra fights off the dust, but still can spot a loser when she sees one.

"Fables: Venisia" received 2 posts, where a climactic battle led to rampaging wererats! So much for for ordinary lives.

"The Famous Study of Dr. Zerstung" concluded with one post. It ended with a lead in to Odin's upcoming RP "Herald of Turning." So be sure to check out the rp before it goes away.

"Persona: Nexus" Received 4 points, where more students enjoyed their first day of school, and a veteran from a previous Persona RP joins the cast as a teacher.

"RPHaven Hero Tournament: The Tournament of Gambles" received 3 posts, welcoming Fin and Vivaldi to the roster.

Weekly Update 9/4/2011
Date: 2011-09-04 21:26:01
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
September has arrived, and with it increased activity in the world of Role playing. Here are a few highlights from the past week:

"The Breakroom Act 2" received a post. But it was only so a loser could acknowledge his existence. And nobody cares about a loser. Need a break from adventure? Pull up a chair and hang out in the break room. Just don't talk to the loser.

"Fables Venisia" received 2 posts, where Fin the murderous catboy escaped from his cell! And he's looking to take a bite out of Veshra and Shay!

"Hysterisis" received 2 posts. Trouble is brewing on board the ship. Dr. Sarat is not what he seems?

"The Queen's Reign" received one post, in which a lumberjack made of lumber swears fealty to his queen to fight the tree menace. The Queen still needs abled-bodied men and women and things to join her cause, so join in!

"RPHaven Hero Tournament: The Tournament of Gambles" Began this week, receiving five posts. In this role play, an eccentric interdimensional businessman invites fighters from around the Multiverse to compete in his fighting tournament! Will an invitation come to the doorsteps of one of your characters? It will if you join in!

"The Rodaria Trials" received 1 post, in which Maddison Abberton questions her devotion to her beloved prince Juno. Will she fall for the stunning physique and natural charm of the unfortunate Angus?

A new Schoolyear, a New Beginning
Date: 2011-08-28 22:44:00
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
It seems like only yesterday summer began, and now people are preparing to go back to classes and study and do all those fun sorts of things. But here at RPHaven, we've decided to do a little bit of renovating. Last week, we reorganized the site to make it more friendly to newcomers and welcome all sorts of different styles of roleplaying. Now we truly will be a haven for your role playing style.

The biggest addition to our site is the "Gaming" board. This new board is for role-plays that have some kind of rules to them. Whether they be simple forum games, or if you want to host your next "Dungeons and Dragons" Campaign. We now have a place for you there.

As always, remember to contact one of the administrators when you register so we can activate your account. You can get in touch with us in our chat room, which you can access on the link to your left.

It 's Summertime!
Date: 2011-07-05 21:28:26
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
Wow, that was a long vacation, now wasn't it? The site has changed a lot over the past month, with new RPs, lots of new art, and lots of new retrospectives. Coming soon, there will be something fun to look forward to in the art section. Get yourselves excited!

Word of the Week: Contrite
Date: 2011-05-02 16:06:32
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
Here's the word for this week!

[kuhn-trahyt, kon-trahyt]
1. caused by or showing sincere remorse.
2. filled with a sense of guilt and the desire for atonement; penitent: a contrite sinner.

As Corey noted on IRC, you should be contrite if you are putting off your RP posts (har har).

For those of you in Canada today, May 2nd, is Federal Election Day. If you're eligible to vote, go out and do so. It's to everyone's benefit and for the integrity of the system.

Word of the Week: Homunculus
Date: 2011-04-25 21:02:30
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
This week's word is homunculus!
\ huh-MUHNG-kyuh-luhs \ , noun;
1. An artificially made miniature person or creature, supposedly produced in a flask by an alchemist.
2. A fully formed, miniature human body believed, according to some medical theories of the 16th and 17th centuries, to be contained in the spermatozoon.
3. A diminutive human being.
4. The human fetus.

In site news, the Thoughts and Opinion board has had a surge of new recaps to read. They are as funny as they are physically painful to recount. And believe you and me, they are very, very painful.

Word of the Week: Sedulous
Date: 2011-04-18 03:14:54
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
The word of the week is sedulous!
1. diligent in application or attention; persevering; assiduous.
2. persistently or carefully maintained: sedulous flattery.

I guess I wasn't so sedulous when it came to my RP plots back in the day. But old works, such as Matthias's Knights of Cyrenia, have received a little action over this week, and the Soul Twist II retrospective has also returned from a break of several months. All of our Deia RPs have also seen an uptick in activity, with battles erupting in Venisia and Rodaria.

Although our bot solution is causing a few backstage issues, the forums themselves have cleared up nicely. Rejoice, as we can finally click threads without fearing the contents of a mysterious new post.

Word of the Week: Tenterhooks
Date: 2011-04-10 13:01:40
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
An announcement for new users: Our current bot situation is incredibly problematic, to the point where we have changed our registration system. New users will have to be approved by an administrator. We do have very active admins, so new registrations will likely be processed in a day.

With that said, this week's word for writing prompts is "tenterhooks".

1. On tenterhooks, in a state of uneasy suspense or painful anxiety.
2. One of the hooks or bent nails that hold cloth stretched on a tenter.

This word certainly sounds painful!

On the roleplay front, runedot has started a new sci-fi RP, reminiscent of The Matrix, but a little more user-friendly. That is, unless you are a criminal. Check out Transcendence - The Descent. Mav has also started a new RP; Pokemon: Survival Edition. This is an RP in short post format, and could end up to be a gruesome exploration of the more morbid Pokedex entries that exist.

Weekly Word Prompts Begin!
Date: 2011-04-04 13:49:52
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
If you've been browsing the Loose Ideas section, perhaps taking a look at Mav's rough idea thread to suggest what you'd like to see in his upcoming Pokemon RP, you might have also seen the Weekly Word Prompts. This is an optional exercise for all forum members to participate in to generate any piece of writing, whether it be a short story, poetry, rant, or any other exploratory writing prompted by a weekly word. You don't have to think hard: You just have to write. It doesn't have to make any sense. It doesn't have to be anything cohesive. Just write.

This week's word is unctuous. Check out the thread!

Attention RPhaven
Date: 2011-03-31 23:46:44
Posted By: Dr. Wily
This is the great and talented Dr. Albert Wily here to lend you a helping hand! I see you have some problems with bots, well who better to help deal with such things than a Doctor of Robotics? All I ask is that you wire me all of your money and the bots will go away forever!

(Little do they know that I am actually the one responsible for their Bot issues, and I'm going to use the money they give me to Destroy Dr. Light and TAKE OVER THE WORLD! MWEHAHAHAHAAHA!""

Forums are back (sort of)
Date: 2011-02-15 17:22:31
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
The forums are technically back, but on a much smaller and less stable server. You'll be able to access the forums but you may be struck with the occasional 500 Internal Server error. For those who want to stay connected with the community, IRC is still the most reliable place to be. Remember we are #rphaven on

There's no weekly summary this week on account of us not being able to read all the posts on our lovely little forum.

Forums are down. (UPDATED)
Date: 2011-02-12 03:38:24
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
12:41 AM - Currently the forums are experiencing an explosion, as in, the host itself is down. You may join us on IRC using a pjIRC client (such as Mibbit) or mIRC, or any other IRC client. Just connect to and then join #rphaven.

9:37 AM - The server is back online and alive but no connections are currently being routed to the server. Estimated downtime will be around 24 hours. Again, you may join us on IRC while we all play the waiting game with the forums.

12:32 AM 13/02/2011 - Word is, the server farm where our forums are hosted are still being DDOSed. Some discussion was underway about hosting a backup of the server elsewhere. Stay tuned.

9:16 PM - The DDOS is being sustained, but our web host has acquired new server hardware. If Chibi Acelie could hook up with Odin in IRC, that would be appreciated! Hopefully the forums will at least be restored in some capacity soon.

January just zoomed by, eh?
Date: 2011-02-07 13:54:02
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
It's already been a whole month since our staff change-up. Time just flies by sometimes. This week, veteran member runedot returned from the ether to direct a new RP, Tomb of the Prophet. Check it out in the Freelance board. In Deia news, The Rodaria Trials received 4 posts. Part of Yew's past is revealed to not be so rosy, but it's impossible to dwell when the Almyst factor is attacked by a bear-like monster. With Dane's convoy, Samiya tries hard to convince everyone to avoid Vanprime, but to no avail. Fables: Venesia also received 4 new posts. The soldiers fail their mission, and the murder investigation continues.

In community news, several reviews popped up in the community section. There's a review for the newest DS offering from Capcom "Ghost Trick", a review of a book from our very own user DreamGoddessLindsay "World of Chaos: Enemy at the Gates", and a review of the series of comic books "Scott Pilgrim".

The bots have lessened but are still sneaking through registrations at a rate we're not very proud of. A new solution is in the works. In the meantime, report any bot posts in existing threads and ignore any new threads made by bots.

The Weekly report for 1/23-29
Date: 2011-01-31 22:32:44
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
"Fables: Venisia" received 4 Posts. In it, the soldiers of Venisia fight against a wood golem, but the bandits they were chasing were able to get away.
"The Famous Study of Dr. Zerstung" Received 3 Posts. Katya meets up with a former Mafya agent to plan an attack on one of their outposts while Lucille meets Dr. Zerstung for the first time.

Paragon received two new posts, with V finally confronting the party. The Secret of Hestia Academy is off to a good start, and now stars Straggler Straddler, Corey, Mavrickindigo, and Krump. Lastly, just one new chapter from Nightmare Vault this week.

Also you've probably noticed the increased bot activity recently. Straggler Straddler has released a guide on how to identify bots in case you ever run into one. Those buggers are quite tenacious, but hopefully a recent fix will keep them at bay.

Weekly RP Descriptive Noun
Date: 2011-01-24 09:37:29
Posted By: Trauma Advocate
hey all. We had some interesting new events this week!

On the Deia side, "Fables: Venisia" received 4 posts this week. We are reintroduced to Ludvig Smimov, Fin reveals himself to feed on magical energy, and the knights continue their attack on the bandits, discovering Zeita Stachel, the woman who tipped them off, fighting the bandits on her own.

"The Famous Study of Dr. Zerstung" received 3 posts, in which the children discover that their captors are holding other feral children in cages, and parents across Aldonia discover that their children are missing.

"The Rodaria Trials" received 3 posts, where Faida leaves her group to go on her own journey, Henry replaces her, Angus is taken to the palace, and Maddison sets up a very "special" breakfast for the palace guests.

Over on the freelance board, Master Toki made a return to Video Game Universe War, I posted a few new chapters to my fiction Nightmare Vault, and Straggler Straddler posted once more to Magical Twist, finally sending the party driving down the road through an ancient, spooky bog.

Additionally, a new RP called The Secret of Hestia Academy was started by Straggler Straddler about a boarding school that caters to more than just humans. Some of the students are about to discover why the school has a no-exceptions curfew...

Upcomming Forum down time
Date: 2011-01-20 15:47:28
Posted By: Chibi Acelie
The forum will be unavailable on Sunday, January 23 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM Central time (9:00 PM to 1:00AM GMT) while I upgrade the forum software to the latest version.

The upgrade should not take all four hours; I'll reenable the forum as soon as I'm done.

EDIT: The upgrade is complete.

RPHaven Weekly Summary
Date: 2011-01-17 12:44:42
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
In roleplaying news, the Deia board received a round of two new posts for Venesia and The Rodaria Trials. In Venesia, fin introduced a new character with shapeshifting abilities, Corey started the 2nd day, and a new plot involving weapon dealers cropped up. In The Rodaria Trials, Himeko is becoming decidedly more aggressive, causing uneasiness in both Damon and Amice. On the other hand, Faida is determined to seek out a path after witnessing the brutal battles of Almyst and MICOM.

In the Freelance board, we saw 5 new posts in Paragon with a new forum member, Littlenekodemon, energizing other members with more frequent posts. The group is infiltrating a military compound. The Video Game Universe War received one post where it seems the group has entered the Halo universe. Magical Twist received two posts in which our heroes finally begun their journey to the south... if Thar didn't stop to tell Juno that Paulo plans to kill them when their journey is over.

In the fiction board, Trauma Advocate posted an update to his fiction, Nightmare Vault. If you like suspenseful stories, give this one a read.

In the Thoughts and Opinion board, we have a large slew of brand new reviews. Straggler Straddler posted a review of the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Original Soundtrack, which prompted a review of the anime's first episode with some very contrary opinions. Refia, a long-time lurker, then posted a review of the opening volley of shows for the Winter 2011 anime season. It seems like there are some promising shows in between the typical fanservice vehicles.

All in all, it seems it was quite an active weekend, with many RP posts made on Sunday night.

Last Week in RPhaven
Date: 2011-01-10 11:46:36
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
In "the Rodaria Trials", which received 6 posts, a fight broke out between the forces of MICOM and the survivors in Erlmason

"Fables: Venesia" received 3 Posts, which detailed the mysterious murder of some nobles and introduced Verne Fomalhaut as well as move the story into day 2.

"The Famous Study of Dr. Zerstung" received 1 post, where Lucille found the children and awaited for them to fall into her trap.

"Video Game Universe War" had 1 post, where Sephiroth was stripped of his power and he discovered the joys of using a Katamari to vanquish his foes.

"Pointless?" received 1 post, where Fin successfully avoided a conflict with a gentlemanly gorilla...maybe?

Trauma Advocate stared a fiction titled "Nightmare Vault." It is about a Pediatrician who experiences a surreal event after experiencing a similar nightmare.

Samias continued her recap entitled "Soul Twist II: A Retrospect of Infinity's End".

Weekly RP Roundup
Date: 2011-01-03 15:58:21
Posted By: Trauma Advocate
Hey all. The staff has agreed to committ to more regular front page updates to keep users in the loop as to recent forum happenings, so hopefully you'll be seeing more activity in this part of the site.

In the RP world, Rodaria had three posts last week and two more this morning. The story focused mostly on Erlmason, with both the group who travelled to the Temple of the All-Seer only to miss entering the temple before it flew into the sky, and the group carrying more supplies to Erlmason on behalf of MICOM.

Magical Twist had three posts, revealing that Raeniun has more than just his sister watching over his journey, for better or for worse, though he has no idea of the betrayal that might befall him, or what the Syndicate's presence means for the future. Will Thar's knowledge of Paulo and Callisto's plan to kill off the mages be enough to avert their destiny? Judging by events in Magical Twist: Forgotten Past, he can only delay the inevitable. Khujira makes her first real appearance, issuing new orders to her mercenaries, ones that intersect with Juno's past.

Venisia had six posts in which we are introduced to many of Venisia's inhabitants as well as a few story arcs. Jasper Blake and Lorraine Mendel seek to win the heart of Winter Arrena, but she is not interested in courtship and her politeness on the matter could likely cause them more harm than good. Mareth Blake discovered that the bandits outside of the city are being supplied weapons by a competent spell-caster. There is also the strange circumstances surrounding the murder of two Venisian nobles that Verne Fomalhaut stumbled across.

The Famous Study of Dr. Zerstung had one post, where Lucille revealed that she had taken the oppurtunity to set up runes along the castle to keep tabs on the location. She uses them to find the runaway children and is awaiting an ambush.

Lastly, fin also started a new RP called "Pointless?". Short intro, lots of randomness, and with a hint of the apocalypse.

In other forum news, Ricky recently revived his Retrospect of the Stars, and earlier, Dr. Gate also started a Megaman NT recap. Chibi Acelie also posted some of his 3D work after a long absense of news on his new games.

That's all for this week. Don't worry, these weekly updates shouldn't put a halt to any pressing news items needing your attention. Hopefully there will be more to report next time!

New Staff, and Happy Holidays!
Date: 2010-12-25 00:18:18
Posted By: Straggler Straddler
Recently, some of our old staff members stepped down from their positions. However, Krump and myself (Straggler Straddler) are the new mods. Krump is moderator of the RP sections, whereas I am the new Overlord of the Community boards. Did I say Overlord? I meant Conqueror of Worlds.

With that out of the way, there are some new initiatives on the board. Head on into the Art Section and post your wishlist for future colouring pages. We're looking for memorable characters from the site's past, all the way back to the days when we were still a subsection of VGMusic's forums. Even if you aren't a site veteran, the Hall of Fame and the large number of Retrospectives in the Thoughts and Opinion board are great sources for ideas.

Whether you're home with your family or striking it out on your own this holiday, Merry Christmas from RPHaven!

We 're Becoming More Social
Date: 2010-12-20 11:41:27
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Anyone visiting the site in the past week has noticed that we have added a new feature. We have our own Facebook page, which shows updates on the front page of the site. And we also have "Like" buttons on each board, thread, and for the forum itself. IF you like the site or a particular thread on the site, be sure to "Like" it so that all of your Facebook friends can find out about us. If anyone is visiting here for the first time from Facebook, then I welcome you to our site!

Fables: Venisia
Date: 2010-12-12 14:41:32
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
This past week saw the release of our newest "World of Deia" Roleplay, "Fables: Venisia." Directed by Corey, this role play takes place in a city where we play the lives of its citizens. The story centers around the connections people have to one-another, and how one person affecting another affects the rest of the community. Multiple characters of all shapes and sizes are to be played in this role play, so if you're interested in doing something that isn't "Save the world!" this might be right up your alley!

Lots of Updates
Date: 2010-12-07 09:01:24
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Wow we have so many updates to add. I don't know where to begin. Firstly, I believe I will attempt to post much more often than before since we are now experiencing many updates. So here's a list of what we've got:

1.) We now have a Steamcommunity group called "RPHaven Game Night" that you can join to keep tabs on when and what the next Game Night will be

2.) We now have a Facebook page that you can use to keep tabs on things while not on the site.

3.) Lagi has started a new contest and this one has some interesting prizes. Check it out on the general message board.

4.) Geminisaint has completed his game project, "Chronicles of Galia 2." Take a look at it at "The Arts" board

Game Night 's A 'Comin '
Date: 2010-11-28 20:50:40
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
If you have not noticed, we have a few changes going on, yet again.

First of all, we have added links to our IRC chat room to the main page and the forums index. If you want to talk about rps or have any questions, or just want to get to meet and hang out with the established userbase, check out the chat room!

As for another bit of news. StragglerStraddler's vgmusic contest has ended, with the results pending. Keep an eye here for front page announcements, or follow the official thread.

Finally, but not least, the first RPHaven Game night will be held this Thursday, December 2nd at 6:00 PM EDT. Check out the official thread in the "News and Announcements" forum for details. We'll be playing "Mega Man 8-bit Death Match." It's a fun game that's easy to set up, and the best part is, IT'S FREE!

Lots and Lots of Changes
Date: 2010-11-14 21:08:08
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Over the course of the week, there have been a significant number of changes to the site. Most importantly, we've added a section for newcomers to say "Hello." If you're a newcomer to this site and want to get a good welcome, come to the "Welcome Board"

Secondly, Odin was kind enough to make it possible for people to access the site's "unofficial" IRC chatroom by a mere click of a link. If you want to chat with your fellow rphaveners, or if you've just passed through the site and want to know what's going on, take a look at our "Chat Room" in the "Links" section of the forum.

Thirdly, Krump is organizing a "RPHaven Awards Show." Show your support by telling us what you think would be good ideas for categories in the thread in the "Loose Ideas" forum.

Finally, our user Mavrickindigo (that's me) was recently promoted to administrator status. It's not much of a big change, but now we've been able to do some of the changes we've wanted to implement in the site in order to make it a better experience for newcomers. If you still feel out-of-place or if something still doesn't feel comfortable, feel free to speak to me or one of the other admins in the IRC chat, through Private Messaging, or of course, posting in the "Contributions, Suggestions, and Bug Reports" forum.

Date: 2010-11-07 08:24:41
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Just a friendly reminder for everyone that November is "National Novel Writing Month." I know I'm involved, and I believe some of our users are also participating, so things may be a little slower than usual.

Also its week 3 of Samias's contest. Check it out.

One Contest Pver Another Begins
Date: 2010-10-26 16:39:14
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Corey's Character description contest is over with Ilnya, Cavios's character, winning the grand prize.

And now for the current contest: the Rphaven VGM Challenge. The contest involves players guessing the titles of songs provided by Straggler Straddler. Weekly winners receive character portraits and the all-time winner receives a full-body picture.

New Contest here!
Date: 2010-10-03 16:03:53
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Corey has started a character description contest. Participants can write up a character description in the contest thread in the Arts board and the top six characters will receive art.

URL for forum cookies will change
Date: 2010-08-27 19:08:35
Posted By: Chibi Acelie
On Sunday, August 29 at 7:00 PM Central Time (1:00 AM GMT)  I will configure the forum cookies to work with "" After this is done forum users will need to access the forum using "" to stay logged in. I'll edit this post immediately after I make the change.

Note that after the change is made you may have to delete your browser cookies for the forum to work correctly.

This will be the last change required since moving to the new server.

EDIT: I've made the change. For now on please use to access the forum.

If there are any issues with the forum please feel free to post them in the "URL for forum cookies will change" topic in the News and Announcements board.

Forum moving woes?
Date: 2010-08-15 22:18:37
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Hey everyone! While we're working on moving everything around, there may be a few hiccups here or there. If the link to the forums doesn't work, you can enter them by going to for the time being.

Forum URL will change one more time
Date: 2010-08-13 20:21:52
Posted By: Chibi Acelie
On Sunday, August 15 at 8:00 PM Central Time (2:00 AM GMT) the URL "" will no longer work, so Odin and I can make that URL point directly to the new forum. In the meantime you all can use to access the forum.

Also now points directly to the wiki.

Scheduled Forum Down Time
Date: 2010-07-31 12:29:31
Posted By: Chibi Acelie
Due to the forum's poor performance I will be moving it to a new webserver. The forum will be unavailable on Wednesday, August 4 from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM Central Time (7:00 PM to 2:00 AM GMT) while I transfer the files. The transfer should not take all 7 hours, I will re-enable the forum as soon as I'm done.

EDIT: The web host's SQL server (the database most of the site depends on) has just crashed, and there has been possible data loss. I'm currently loading the files on Odin's webserver. Please come back to this page in an hour or 2 and refresh it for the new links.

EDIT 2: The forum's transfer is complete. It can be found using

Any Cartagraphers around
Date: 2010-07-18 15:31:53
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Our Dedicated World of Deia is built by many people with many talents. Writing is the first of these talents. We wouldn't be able to create a world if we didn't write the stories for it. Those gifted in illustration bring our characters to life, so art talent is also appreciated. But there's one talent we have been lacking for quite some time: When we began, we were grateful to have Vash as our map-maker. He would add the new locations and landmarks as we created them, but real life has prevented him from working on it for quite some time. No one has yet to step up to the plate and take his mantle. If anyone reading this is skilled at photoshop or other similar tools and uses them to make/edit maps. Please let us know.

Paging Dr. Zerstung
Date: 2010-07-11 18:44:06
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Now accepting new members in the World of Deia, its "The Famous Study of Dr. Zerstung."

This role-play is set on a dark island where players take the role of children captured into slavery and left on their own to fend for themselves? Who is Dr. Zerstung? Why are these children left alone with only half of them given food? And just what lies in the foreboding forest and ominous castle deep within the island? Join the newest Deia rp today to find out. Look for it in the "World of Deia" forum.

The Demons are Loose!
Date: 2010-07-04 15:14:33
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Our dedicated world of Deia is now going through its first worldwide event! After the events of "Melas's Children" powerful demons were released into the world. How will these demons effect the rps in Deia? Well we'll have to find out during the next rp set between 2 ADF and 5 ADF

Problem with the forum being addressed
Date: 2010-06-15 13:52:26
Posted By: Chibi Acelie
The forum's slow response is due to a problem with the web host's SQL system (the database the forums rely on). I've just telephoned the web host, and they told me the SQL team's work week starts on Tuesday so they only became aware of the problem this morning. As of now they don't know how long it will take to fix.

If the problem is not fixed by this evening I'll call the web host again and post another update.

EDIT: (7:52 PM Central Time) I called the web host again and they said the problem will occur intermittently over the next several hours. The forum seems to be running much better than it was before, though. I'll check it out again when I wake up tomorrow afternoon.

EDIT2: The problem has been fixed. If anyone is having difficulty with the forums (or any other part of the site) please do not hesitate to let me know.

Summer of New Roleplays?
Date: 2010-06-13 21:51:11
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Role plays here on rphaven tend to take quite a long time to complete or to fade away. Usually if your role play lasts a year, you're good to go. That being said, we've had quite a few role plays that have been hanging around for quite some time that are beginning to enter the home stretch. This means that new major role plays may be on the horizon. Keep an eye on this spot for any new role play news.

Tournament of Godmods
Date: 2010-06-09 11:50:23
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Check out the "thoughts and opinions" board, where Dr. Gate has decided to recap and review an old role play called "VGMusic RPG Hero Tournament: The Tournament of Legends." The role play is old and it shows. Nearly every user who participated in it is laughing at the insanity our teenaged minds conjured back in the day. It's a highly recommend read and I suggest you check it out right now.

If you're a bit antsy on reading the actual story and want to read ahead of Dr. Gate, you're in luck: The Tournament of Legends is available for download in our "Hall of Fame" section.

News News News
Date: 2010-05-24 14:16:03
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
The past few weeks has shown us the introduction of "The Rodaria Trials" our first modern-day roleplay in the Dedicated World of Deia. Check it out if you're interested in a modern fantasy story.

In other news, the character battle has ended in a tie between Dmitri and Strom. It was a fun little diversion, and I look forward to next year's rendition of the event.

Also, check out the "Thoughts and Opinions" board for my review of DreamGoddessLindsey's book "World of Chaos - Genesis: Family of Blood"

The Character Battle Continues
Date: 2010-04-18 15:57:59
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
A few weeks in, and we're still on the first round of Battles in Corey's Character Battle. So far the next round is looking to be as follows:





With only five more matches left, things are looking to be setting up for an interesting second round.

Nostalgia Leads to Madness
Date: 2010-04-11 14:58:59
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
When GS posted his latest recap post for "Void of Illusions," he told us about how his character, Jacques Fontaine, was actually referencing events from another, completely unrelated RP. So I decided to take that and map out all of the connections our rps have had over the years.

The results are staggering.

In other news, the deadline to sign up to "RPHaven's Master of Masterminds is quickly approaching. If you still want to join up to that rp, you have until my next pos".

The Aftermath
Date: 2010-04-05 20:35:32
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Eggman has been defeated by a recap of an old role play and the identity of the trickster behind the April Fools scheme has been revealed. It's time to return to some semblance of normal.

Any of you wanting to join RpHaven's Master of Masterminds, better do it quick or else your opportunity will be gone forever. This is your last week to join up as a contestant.

Meanwhile, we have a new freelance role play. Any fans of Ranma 1/2 might want to join up and give support to one of our newest members.

Date: 2010-03-31 23:30:12
Posted By: Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Listen up you bunch of pathetic worms! I am the great Dr. Ivo Robotnik! I have noticed that for some time now, you have been operating underneath my radar, and I shall not allow this to continue any further. As you ave seen, my expeditionary forces have already infiltrated your pathetic security, and it is only a matter of time before all of you are roboticized and become part of my 'bot army. I demand that you cease playing these silly games, and submit to my rule immediately. Now won't you buy some really cheap airline tickets? Those are very good. Very good indeed...

Ah, the memories
Date: 2010-03-28 20:28:41
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
Last week, longtime user, Straggler Straddler, began a thread in the "Thoughts and Opinions" entitled "Soul Twist: A Retrospect of a Journey" where we are welcomed by a commentary on an early role play. Soon there followed multiple other retrospects. So if you're feeling nostalgic, are new to the site, or want to laugh at how silly we were back then, go on down to the "Thoughts and Opinions Board"

In other news, Corey's character battle has begun, and the first two characters to advance to the second round are Jean-Pierre LeBlanc and Corsica Roder, a classic and a newly-cemented character, respectively.

Another Contest on the Way
Date: 2010-03-21 15:00:23
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
In continuing our tradition of making contests based off of other websites' ideas, the first RPHaven Character battle is starting up. Go over to the general message board to nominate up to four of your characters to take place in this character vote-off competition. If not enough people fill in the (at least) 64-character bracket, then you can nominate four more characters.

Let the Battle of the Masterminds Begin
Date: 2010-03-14 19:07:42
Posted By: Mavrickindigo
The Newest RP from Mavrickindigo is here. "RPHaven's Master of Masterminds" is a contest between the superstitious and the cowardly, the evil and the deranged, the megalomaniacal and the sadistic, and generally the no good bad guys of various rps past (and maybe some we haven't seen before.) With each evil genius given a chance to take over the world to compete to see who has the most successful, original, and brilliant plan, you can bet that  there will be crazy things happening. And this is all for the sake of entertainment!

Join "RPHaven's Master of Masterminds" today for your character's shot at total domination, or join as a hero who wants to save the day and stop the villains from achieving their goals. You can check it out on the Freelance Roleplaying Board.

'Lil' Bouncy Adventure' Game Project
Date: 2010-03-03 17:06:10
Posted By: Chibi Acelie
I am starting the development of a cutesy game about a girl and her dog who chase a creature who just stole the girl's pretty high-bounce balls, and are lead into an unexplored land. For anybody interested in a game's development process I will document it in threads on the RPHaven Forums and the VGMusic Forums, as well as the game's main site at

More forum down time
Date: 2009-08-28 14:08:46
Posted By: Chibi Acelie
The forum will be unavailable Saturday, September 5 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Central Daylight Time (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM GMT), while I upgrade our forum software to the latest version.

As before, I will restore the forum as soon as I'm done.

EDIT: The update is complete and the forum is functional again.

If you like video game or hip hop music...
Date: 2009-05-06 14:36:24
Posted By: Chibi Acelie
My friend Mr. Perspective is a composer and another friend, Kuran, is an arranger so check out their MySpace page. Their style can be described as video game music with some hip hop influence. I personally also helped arrange "Snowy Fields" and a couple of the other songs.

You can find my friends' site at

Scheduled Forum Down Time
Date: 2009-04-13 19:14:14
Posted By: Chibi Acelie
The forum will be unavailable Saturday, April 18 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Central Daylight Time (7:00 PM to 11:00 PM GMT), while I upgrade our forum software to the latest version.

The update should not take all 4 hours; I will restore the forum as soon as I'm done.

EDIT: The update is complete and the forum is functional again.

The Reasonable Ones 3
Date: 2009-04-05 14:58:55
Posted By: Trauma Advocate
Magic in Fantasy

Trauma Advocate:
Ah-HEM. For those of you not in the know, recently our RPs have come under attack by modern society. The weapons borne at the forefront of these nameless *coughCorey* hordes? Only the most dangerous of all: Newspapers.

Yes, not only are some of our RPers forgetting that newspapers do not exist in fantasy settings, but they are forgetting an even more obvious truth... They are implying our characters can READ. It's a sham, a complete and utter travesty that we mustn't overlook. Fight this with me as you have before my brothers, and we shall put an end to all the modern impurities plaguing our fantasy worlds, everything from steam power and metal springs to clean water and basic first aid. All will be removed and our fantasies can go back to the way they were meant to be: with a sword for every hip and a pox for every town.

So I've been found out, huh. Well, no matter. My plan is still proceeding as... er, planned. Yes.

These tired old fantasy settings are the stuff your grandpa's RPs were about. It's time we moved on, past the swords, sorcery, dysentery and general living-in-filth atmosphere these stories are known for. We now have alternatives: cleaner-running airships, less wasteful dungeon designs, and more books to put in that magic academy so the thirteen-year-old legendary heroes can talk in big words not yet invented. It's a brave new world, and I'm the only one brave enough to shove everyone else headlong into it.

If you don't adapt, you can be certain your Hero McEveryhero will get left in the dust. His pegasus steed is no match for the Smartcar, after all.

Trauma Advocate:

"Adapt," you say? Our RPs are evolving just fine without microwave ovens. Just take a look at... let's see, Corsair's Pride! Here's a new RP. Pirates! Pirates are a new and innovative concept! Isn't that right, Matthias? Yes, yes it is. RPHaven and, dare I say, the internet at large will surely be taken by our will to embrace radical concepts like pirates. And just look how wretched those characters are!

I can go on, OH YES I can go on... Why, I remember back when random battles were the preferred means of plot advancement, and trains and airships were kept exactly where they were meant to be... within the fantasies of our own fantasy characters. For where else could they truly exist? In a fantasy? HAH.

Be warned, my fellow RPers. Change is a scary, scary thing. See how scary it is? See how scary it is when I play this "Scary Kids Scaring Kids" CD over a random collection of video clips I put together from Twilight? It's SCARY!

*Hides in a corner and cuts self*

Aha! I knew you'd slip! Corsair's Pride has GUNS, and nothing is more technologically advanced than a device able to propel pieces of metal by igniting a small amount of volatile powder, except perhaps a device capable of firing SEVERAL pieces of metal by igniting a small amount of volatile powder! The march towards bubble buildings and space travel has already begun, and you cannot stop it!

Take, for example, the old RP Tears of Isis. It started off with a godlike entity teaches some noble savages how to use fire, and inspire them to make cave paintings! In what is surely a great leap for RP fantasy tech, at the end the party (or what's left of it) are fighting an artificially-created human in a hole in space which they got to by traveling through a space wormhole! Perfectly logical advancement for an RP that takes place, at most, over the course of a few weeks.

Your refusal to accept this advancing, encroaching technology will be the death of you all, just like it was the death of a handful of people in Millenial Knights! So, when it takes you by force and you become a lumbering, zombie-like mess of loose wires and crusty bolts, I'll be sitting up there with the techno-overmind, sipping my nanite chardonnay and emulating laughter using a speaker built into the back of my throat. And you'll be so jealous... Well, you would be, if your brain wasn't eaten and replaced by tiny robots.

Trauma Advocate:
You've done yourself in this time. Referencing a relic like Tears of Isis? How low must you scrape?

Well two can play at that game! Remember the classic fantasy RP, "Assassinate the Evil Russian Genius, Roccovsky!" No guns there, and technology didn't evolve in the slightest throughout the entire story! The deadliest weapon was a simple Hampleeze sandwich. The RP was a smash hit. I call this debate open and shut and declare myself the winner. Score one for me! Now shoo. Go on, beat it! Don't make me get the broom.

Ah-HA! Russia?! Everyone knows Russia is real, unlike elves, vampires, and steam power! The RP you referenced is, therefore, not a work of fantasy, but a work of FACT. It actually happened, much to the evil genius's frustrations!

Somehow, this makes my original point valid, whatever it was.

Trauma Advocate:
Gosh, I'm not sure I remember... something about a smartcar, wasn't i-I MEAN OPEN AND SHUT!

Getting back to MY original point, I will now share some of my own new ideas for spicing up stories without the use of obnoxious and offensive technology. Try giving these delicious little ideas a taste...

Finish every post with someone dying. Everyone knows death is equivalent to realism. Heck, in the old days people would drop dead with no explanation whatsoever, and their neighbors or friends/family would accept it and move on. When an important character dies, everyone else will immediately want to get their post in before someone portrays their own character's response inappropriately. Make certain this happen every post, and you're set for a 20 pager that lasts and lasts and lasts.

Bring back the class system! I was never a fan of the classes myself, but darnit, hard times are upon us and nothing makes you look like you know what you're doing better than a rigid set of rules that assumes everyone already understands what you're talking about.

Goblins. 'Nuff said.

Be sure to upgrade weapons regularly. Evil geniuses are sure to employ the best blacksmiths in the land. It then stand to reason that the closer you get to your final destination, the better the weapons available. Just be careful not to upgrade them too much, because that's SCARY for all the reasons I mentioned before. Don't make me get out the knife again.

My people, I will take your dead and turn them into smartcars-- No, wait, I mean I will reanimate them -- with TECHNOLOGY! Of course, that'll also make them evil because it's just how it works, but it provides for great extra heapings of drama on an already-dramatic event! Their weapons will also be upgraded and they'll become servant of the mighty cyber-goblins! And all their classes will then be preceded by the prefix "techno" or "cyber"! It'll be brilliant, a fresh take on the tired formula!

Because that's all my opponent here offers -- tired formulas. I know what you all crave. You crave something more... Deeper, darker, explodier, SHINIER. This courageous new world -- full of schizophrenic, illogical technological leaps -- can provide all that and more. So cast aside your old fantasy tropes -- it's time to evolve and take on the new sci-fi tropes!

Trauma Advocate:


January Month of Words
Date: 2008-12-21 19:05:57
Posted By: Trauma Advocate
Hello again, and I hope everyone's holding up during the holiday season!

January's coming up, and that means it's time again for the Month of Words. If you've ever wanted to test your writing mettle, this is for you. Try and write 30,000 words in a month, and win a cover picture! Details can be found on the forum here:

Site update
Date: 2008-11-15 18:28:07
Posted By: GeminiSaint
  I posted the cover art picture for 'Life in Mavrigo', which was the winning entry in the latest Month-of-Words event. You can see it right here as the current featured picture.

  I'm also working on bringing the new Hall of Fame up to date. It's about 70% done now, so it should be complete in just a few days.

Forum Downtime
Date: 2008-09-08 13:36:28
Posted By: Chibi Acelie
The forums will be unavailable on Friday, September 12 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM U.S. Central Time (7 PM to 10 PM GMT) while I make some changes to the Forum's database configuration.

I will restore the forums as soon as I'm done; the work probably won't take all 3 hours.

Please post any comments on this in the "Forum is going to be rebuilt" topic on the "News and Announcements" broad in the forum.

EDIT: The reconfiguration is now done and the forum is active again.

The Reasonable Ones: The Sequel
Date: 2008-08-29 23:01:52
Posted By: Corey
McCain's Vice President

Today (that's August 29th for you hosers who don't use calendars. Damn neanderthals), John McCain showed America, and the world at large, his incredible grasp of the current times by choosing Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, as his vice-presidential candidate. For those of you who wonder why this news proves so historic, well.... Sarah Palin.... is a WOMAN.

Yes, for the very first time, a woman has entered politics. Well, a woman who's reasonably hot, at any rate. We all know what matters. With this, John McCain has all but secured his victory come the elections later this year. It is also a glorious time for women, and womyn especially. Burned by their dearest hosebeast Hillary Rodham Clinton losing the democratic nomination, they will no doubt flock to McCain's caring, caressing POW-ness, where they will vote for him, and by extension, Miss Palin, and be given the greatest gift of all: the gift of illegalizing abortion.

While there may be some nay-sayers out there, claiming Miss Palin is inexperienced and dogmatic, we cannot forget that the alternative is a mooslim from some backwoods nation (who's ever even heard of "Iowa"?!) who no-doubt wants everyone either dead or praying towards mecca! Palin is truly our only chance at returning to the loving, understanding nation we once were. Those halcyon days of fearing raining nuclear death beneath our school desks are almost at hand once more.

Thank you, John McCain, for hearing the voice of America so clearly, and acting so nobly, during your struggle to claim the presidency. Can I interest you in some pancakes?

Trauma Advocate:
Hold up friend, I believe you are mistaken. While it may *appear* that Senator McCain has chosen a running mate equipped with internal genetalia in an attempt to pick up the overgrown children you refer to as Hillary supporters, I have several points that may call your claim into question.

First, the supporters of Clinton show a clear lean toward candidates born before 1950. According to photographic documentation, Palin has no grey hair and lacks any evidence of having seen a hairstylist whatsoever.

Second, what makes everyone so sure Palin is a woman? Because he has a husband and four kids? Hardly convincing evidence.

Most peculiarly of all, however, is Palin's surprise entrance to the race. No Republican interviewed had even heard of Palin before. Isn't it curious how a woman could overpower almost assured nominees such as the kind-hearted Mitt Romney and fellow frontrunner Tim Pawlenty, whose sparkling list of accomplishments speaks for itself? Where did Palin come from? What intentions does she have? Does McCain realize the danger he has put us all in? And most important of all, are we prepared for a worst-case scenario involving an invasion of pod-like beings disguised as the dying race of "conservative women?"

Oh, didn't you hear? Pod people will be outlawed under McCain as unnatural aberrations that need to be dispelled off the face of this Earth with holy fire, just like vampires, elves, and liberals. The truth of the matter is that Miss Palin is pro-life, pro-business, and pro-pro-pro-pro.

And despite whatever qualifications Romney or Pawlenty may claim to purportedly, supposedly, maybe-kinda-sorta have, it simply doesn't stack up to Palin's Girl Power. Whoever heard of a doddering old fool being capable of swaying voters? Not McCain, that's pancakes! Er, who! While they may have political experience and solid recognition amongst the republican base, what they don't have is two X chromosomes. They have a piddly one each, which might be handy if a president could have TWO vice presidents, but alas, that is not the case.

Back to the issues. As I mentioned before, Miss Palin is pro-life, which means with her in charge after McCain's demise, we can finally see an end to abortion and all its moral quandaries. Palin will decide for us, our sincere, motherly guiding light. In fact, we can say farewell to that messy business of courtship altogether as to ensure no unwanted pregnancies, President Palin will decree all marriages arranged at least 20 years in advance, and libido-suppression drugs for all men, who, as we know, are sex-crazed child molesters at heart. But that's okay, because Palin forgives you. Er, this is hypothetically speaking of course. I mean, who honestly expects McCain to kick the bucket during his presidential term? Not Sarah Palin, that's for certain!

In short, a new age of enlightenment is upon us. Well, if the Hadron Collider doesn't kill us first.

Trauma Advocate:
"Pro-life," "pro-life" you say! Honestly, have you ever stopped to consider whether this is even a good thing? More life means more people. More people means more women. More women means more arguing, and more arguing means more killing. You follow that? Life=death. And that's if we're lucky. I have written testimony that Sarah Palin advocates the use of symbiotic parasites in children born from and after 2009. As of now, all we can do is hope that my friend "Dr. Needle" Smitty down on South Street has a good sense of humor and only makes his screaming declarations regarding our government as a joke, but that seems like quite a stretch.

Bottom line: Never trust someone offering inexpensive pancakes. Just look at Denny's.

Hey, don't associate anti-death with sweet, young, innocent, naive Sarah Palin! She's very much pro-death as well. It is her firm belief that life ends at birth, and after that you're on your own, kiddo. No more freebies for you! You want the bottle, Baby Joe? Well, WORK FOR IT.

Indeed, such mommying handouts are the bread and butter of those nasty men, who wouldn't know real pain and suffering if they gave birth to it. Because they can't! For them, it's all, "Gimme a beer: or "I wanna watch NASCAR" or "Why do you keep eyeing the pool boy?". It's really all about them, and about how their lives can be made more comfortable at the expense of women. But no more, I say! President Palin is here to put an end to those shenanigans! No longer will men be the kings of their castles! It will be woman who is king! ROAR!

With Palin as president, America will be everything everyone who ever mattered ever hoped for, and by that I mean what women ever hoped for. A beautiful state of bliss, where we exchange knitting tips, leave the seat down, and drive as erratically as we want! That'll show those uppity democrats for nominating a man when they could have had an all-american she-beast!

Trauma Advocate:
Pro-death, anti-death, what's the difference? We can't be expected to believe McCain would willingly support a female vice president, now can we? Of course not. Women do not serve in the military, nor political office, OfficeMax, or The Office, and before anyone can object, Jenna Fischer does not count as an actress.

Face the facts, there's an advent of demons on the way with the one called Sarah Parin at the helm. Facts are facts, my friend, especially when I tell you they're true.

An insubstantial claim. Women are, in fact, in the military, but it's part of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. Or do you believe that Our femtopia is not ideal? We can amend that.

All you need to do is join Us. Become one with the Womyn collective. We are not all bad; We bake cookies, We talking about our feelings, and We have delectable fashion sense. Please take Us up on Our offer, as to come to Us willingly will ensure you do not suffer like the others will. All will be well, as long as you cede to Our wills. We are one, yet We are many. Do not resist, or you will find yourself relegated to some lowly position such as Womyn's Psychologist. Join now, and We will consider you for the exciting career of Sexual Tool. Such is the will of Palin.

Trauma Advocate:
Good readers, I come to you now not as a debatist, or a troublemaker, nor even the elitist asshole misogynist you know and love. I come to you with a warning, for I have failed. The plague of Sarah Palin (or Parin, or possibly Arucard) has spread quicker than I could have foreseen and now threatens our very way of life. I ask you now, do not fight her for me, or yourselves, or your community, or even Barack Obama's seat on the Illinois/Iowa floor of the Senate. Fight her because she represents everything that raises bile up from the depths of your digestive tract. Americans do not cooperate. We do not share, and we most certainly do not submit, least of all to someone dressed as a woman.

So resist, all you who refuse to be called sheep! Resist the femtopia! Resist the mad scheme of John McCain and Sarah Palin!

Resist Usss and your ssuffering will be immensssse!"

The Reasonable Ones
Date: 2008-08-16 00:47:38
Posted By: Trauma Advocate
The Large Hadron Collider

Trauma Advocate:
On October 21st, scarcely over two months from now, the world's largest supercollider to date, the Large Hadron Collider is set to instigate its first particle collision. Achieving speeds previously unheard of, the Large Hadron Collider has the capability to advance science as we know it light years into the future. The data gathered from its first experiment alone will simultaneously knock Newton on his skeletal behind and reinvent the formula for gravity.

Within a few years, naturally, the discovery of fusion is inevitable, and after that we can all sit back and bask in the glory of free, clean, reusable energy as our scientists on the front lines of awesome continue to pursue the sublime.

Join me, won't you, in celebrating mankind's greatest achievement of all time: the capacity to smash even the tiniest of matter together.

Now hold the phone a minute there, bucko, while I mix my metaphors. I have heard that that Badron Coldkiller thinger's gonna wipe out the universe as we know it. In which case, me and all the other ubergeniuses wish to take some extremely necessary, awesome precautions.

Yes, I speak of our plan to leave this universe.

Those bigwigs scienticians need to postpone Hadroning their Colliders until I am able to procure a space ship capable of reaching another universe within 4 or 5 hours. My legs get cramped if I sit too long. It also needs to be big enough for me, my playstations, and five of my coolest friends whom I can sell salvation tickets to, for a mere 400 or 500 dollars apiece.

Everyone should be as wise as me and flee the universe while they still can, but alas they will have to credit me for thinking of this solution by making me their undisputed king.

Long story short, if we're all going to unravel the secrets of the universe by blowing it to hell and back, I want something out of the deal.

Trauma Advocate:
"Flee the universe?" Please. We all know there's only two universes, and Russia bought the other one during the Cold War.

As you may have noticed, there are some people out there who might try to shout some cute little lines to scare us, like "death and destruction at hand" or "These are the end days" or "Hawking's theories indicate micro black holes could form that may destroy life as we know it," but let's be reasonable...

If it's so dangerous, how come the smartest people in Switzerland think it's a good idea? If there's such a thing as end days, why didn't God warn us about it? And if Stephen Hawking's so smart, how come he can't change his own batteries?

I ask you sensible people, what would you rather wake up to? A Hummer in every driveway, or finding out your legs are in another dimension in space? I think the answer is clear.

Those nefarious Swedes have all been paid off by Big Oil, naturally! Everyone knows Big Oil wants to destroy the universe with their evil oily superpowers. They're just like Big Energy, Big Food Trade, Big Vegan, Big Bird, and the nefarious Big Oil 2! How can we possibly trust those whose pockets run so deep?

Trust me! My pockets are so shallow, they turn down supermodels because of sharp knees. But people can change that, AND prevent the Hardon Collider from spooging all over the fabric of time and space with only a few easy payments directly to my pitiful savings account.

How will this money go to use? Besides the small percentage I'll be taking out of all donations to set me up for life, the money goes towards hiring Science's worst enemies.... American Young Earth Creationists who also happen to be old, decrepit US Senators. I will tie them to the Hadron Collider, thus repelling any and all forms of rational thought, thus keeping scientists, and therefore, science, away! With them out of the way, nothing will stop me from acquiring a nuclear warhead which is undoubtedly within the same facility, and destroying the Collider. Why, this is so fail-proof, humanity's only thanks which would suffice would to be to crown me King of Earth for life!

Besides, this is for the good of the universe or something, right? Donate now or die!

Trauma Advocate:

I find it highly unlikely the Swedes of Switzerland could be paid off so easy. Big Oil 2 may have approximately 4.67 gigajillion dollars in liquid assets (according to their July accounting records), but as we all know, the Swedes haven't yet developed the means to trade paper currency, relying on their tried-and-true lingonberry-based barter system.

But this is all distracting us from the important issues at hand, my friends. As you can see, my clever associate here is far more obsessed with your bank numbers than the TRUTH. And the TRUTH is that scientifically speaking, come October 21st, the Large Hadron Collider is going to knock his punk ass out of the universe *for* him.


Punk ass? So uncouth is the mouth of utopian science! My ass is at LEAST classic rock 'n' roll. You need money to solve the world's problems. Without money, how am I supposed to hire people to solve these pressing issues in my name? The way you speak, the Hardhat Provider was financed by bake sales and puppy kisses!

Let me tell you folks right now, you let that Bonbon Coincider gadget work its evil, world-devouring mojo, and it will undo the universe! Up will be down, cats will be dogs, dogs will be cats, cats will be on dogs, dogs will be dogs, dogs will be birds, black will be upside down, and you'll be tempted to vote for the reform party.

Sure, that machine MIGHT give us eternal youth, peace on earth, unicorns, perfect spring weather year-round, and a gazillion dollars each, but when there's a risk of voting reform party, you simply cannot take the chance.


Trauma Advocate:

It was *one* time I voted reform, and I already told you, a baggie of frisco speedballs was involved. Let it go, man.

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's the dirty hippies trying to shut down scientific progress, and if there's two one things I can't stand, it's that and the rightist population who find a way to spike their bitter vodka into the fruit punch of society and drain it of all its sweet, sugary... erm, money.

If the sound of money wasn't filling my rival's ears, surely he would have heard me explain that in just a few short months, financial obligations would become a thing of the past. So I call to your assistance, faithful readers: Stop selling your children's bicycles and video games and giving it to this sad man. Perhaps it will hasten his surrender.

The one who needs to stop is you, dear friend. You need to stop playing the good people of the world like a fiddle. You need to stop and think of the consequences of mad science. You need to stop switching to Geico, seriously, you can only save so much on car insurance. GOD.

This blind faith in a superweapon making everything better was what inspired America to side with Hitler, then turn around and stab him in the back once they had the bomb, and then use that bomb to destroy all of Denmark. Is that it? Are you Hitler now? Do you want to be Hitler 2.0?

If you are, then I'm GLAD the Hadadadadadron Machine will blast us all to oblivion. I don't want to live in a world with Hitler 2.0!

Trauma Advocate:

Listen up, churchy, if you feel science is going to doom all of mankind, then you can go be fruitful and multiply with yourself.

I'll have you know that after America dropped the A-bomb on Berlin, we not only got rid of Hitler, but we travelled back in time to eliminate him, preventing World War 2 from ever happening. Naturally, we had to replace him with a stand-in to ensure the fabric of space wasn't destroyed, but the principle still stands, that principle being, shut the heck up, momma's boy.

It's you who needs to shut up! I'll have you know, the Reverse Jews are heading back in time to save Hitler and un-bomb Yugoslavia, thus sending the future into a bizarre unknown, possibly without a Hamburger Poseider! Your junk science can't save you now! This world will burn! BURN! And you along with it! You will be the first victim! NO ONE WILL ESCAPE.

Trauma Advocate:


New Site!!
Date: 2008-08-07 07:45:02
Posted By: Trauma Advocate
It's finally happened everyone, we've got a brand new site. I personally have a lot of catching up to do, so you can expect some RP posts from me in the next few days.

The forums, which were gathering quite a bit of dust, have had an archive added, so that we can maintain a clean system without having to prune old stuff. Our library has had somewhat of an overhaul as well, and hopefully we'll be able to make some system changes there before long to get it really looking presentable.

As for the site itself, stay tuned. We've got plans for the front page, and you can expect some very interesting articles to begin cropping up before long. Stick around and you'll see what I'm talking about.

So, until then, peace out. I gotta get back to my other job. >_>

Now with 0% trans fat!
Date: 2008-02-25 20:00:30
Posted By: Trauma Advocate
We've gone far too long without an update, so let's see if we can sum it all up quick. While we continue the perpetual wait for some fresh blood to get in on the RPing action, we 've started up some fresh ideas:

RPHaven has now introduced an RP Lite Board. Herein, you can find stress-free roleplaying, with no backstage topics, reference libraries, or 4 page posts. We've already gotten started with a friendly pokémon RP! If you've always wanted to create your dream team but found yourself frustrated by how much your favorite pokes suck in the game, this RP may be your lucky break!

*Protip: Butterfree still sucks, even in written form.

In other news, Deia is progressing nicely, with multiple concurrent RPs. They've yet to cross paths in any way, but Leryl has introduced Goliath, the first of the colossi. For once, I think I'd want a little magic on my side against this one...

Some other quick items: Censor's fixed, we have our own emoticons, custom ranks are to be brought back, and oh yeah, plans are now being discussed to have medals awarded for various accomplishments in writing!

Come to think of it, we actually have a lot going on now. Someone probably ought to smack me for not updating the site sooner.

phpBB3 Released!
Date: 2008-01-06 15:35:09
Posted By: MythGuy
We've been waiting a long time guys! Now it's finally out, phpBB3! We've upgraded to it just a few DAYS ago. We've made the link on the NavBar go to it but at the moment the old phpBB2 forum is still open. Come check it out now!

We've implemented the anticipated World Board by creating the World of Deia. Corey's gotten that going already with the first RP in Deia with "Deia Fable: Leryl". Vash has kindly started keeping a map in this thread.

We're also allowing civil conversations about topics that were, before now, forbidden (such as politics, religion, and other such things) in this sub-forum.

Hope you enjoy the new forum!

EDIT: As CtrlAltDestroy has gotten around to linking the subdomain  'forum' to the phpBB3 board I have fixed the link to the phpBB2 Board. It can now be located at Sorry for any inconvenience.

Welcome to RP Haven 2.0!
Date: 2007-09-08 12:00:00
Posted By: Chibi Acelie
As you can see, our new site has gone live. Much of it is still under construction though; many of the pages from the old site will stay here until more sections are completed. The Hall of Fame and RP Archive data also has not been completely transfered, and you'll find links to the old HOF and Archive until the transfer is complete.

We welcome your comments, criticisms, and suggestions for the new site! You may post these in an appropriate topic in the forums.

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