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You present your ticket to the guard at the front door. With a grunt of approval, he lets you enter the sacred hall. As you walk down the red carpet, which seems to be made of the finest silk, you can't help but gaze in awe at the beautiful stained-glass windows that adorn the hall. They depict scenes of amazing adventure, heartbreaking loss, exciting battles, and joyful victory. The floor, where it's not covered by carpet, is tiled with blue marble. Pedestals are placed all over the room; they are made of the finest marble, and they each hold a book. The books have covers many different colors, but they all have the same gold binding, and they are all made with the same indestructible material.

You have entered the Hall of Fame.

Welcome to RP Haven's Hall of Fame!! This is where we honor role-plays and fictions that have accomplished their goal of making it all the way to the end of the story! It is an unfortunate fact that only 25% of the stories created on these boards are graced with the words "The End..." all the rest find themselves doomed to remain unfinished, the resolution of the story never to be found...

The Hall of Fame pays tribute to the stories that were good enough to be successful. It also provides everyone with a chance to read the stories they might have otherwise missed, so you won't feel left out when people talk about how great Geowalkersand Void of Illusions are (just to name a few).

The features of the Hall of Fame. Each story is given it's own entry. You can click on the titles in the navigation bar on the right to find these entries. Each entry will have the following information:

~ A link from which you can download the story to your hard drive so you can read at your own pace.
~ General information about the story, including the start date, end date, length, how long it took, etc.
~ Stats for each player, detailing the number of posts they made and their contribution percentage.
~ Comments from the players themselves.
~ Comments from the people who have read the story.
~ Original artwork (if some exists for the story), as well as links to the music used in the story.
~ Copyright information.

Do you have any comments? If you have a suggestion for the Hall of Fame, a bug report, or a reader comment for one of the stories, send me a private message at the forums (I'm afraid you'll need to register, though).

What do I have in store for the Hall of Fame? Well, I'd like to set up a comment system in the entries themselves, so people don't have to PM me in order to comment... but we'll see how that goes.

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